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Benefits of a Single Database Solution: Improved Enterprise Quality Management from IQMS
IQMS appears to be raising the competitive bar for quality management among its ERP competition with a single database software solution and seamless ERP

inspection gages  tools, auxiliary equipment, quality inspection gages, building maintenance, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) inventory, etc., and prevents reliance on schedules based on out of service machines and tools. The module also tracks maintenance intervals based on equipment usage, including the number of cycles on tools, hours or cycles on machines, or daily for other equipment. It also automatically generates work orders for maintenance where necessary, which can be preventive, repair, and emergency Read More
Outsourcing, Applications Software
This RFP is focused on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of application software. The typical types of activities that these outsource providers perform include...
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Documents related to » inspection gages

Must-have ERP Features for the Automotive Industry
This paper summarizes the benefits an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides to the entire manufacturing process,

inspection gages  to supply chain, production, inspection, genealogy, and usage— tracing every detail about a product from when it arrives at the plant to when it leaves as a finished product. Because it is a SaaS solution, Plex Online provides its users the ability to instantly track the genealogy of any product, at any time, and from anywhere with an Internet connection. 2) Quality and Supply Chain Management The ability to manage production quality is critical to automotive manufacturers. Their ERP systems must Read More
Will Your HACCP Foundation Crumble?
Complying with current good manufacturing processes (GMPs) is no easy task for food manufacturers. Companies that don t have a solid foundation to help with

inspection gages  food safety and quality inspection organization was amazed at Stir Foods' ability to locate any randomly selected product by lot number. In fact, the minimum time requirement to locate a product is 2 hours, but Stir Foods was able to locate the products in less than 15 minutes! A record as never had been seen by the individual auditor. While Stir Foods has never been required to do a recall on its products for safety reasons, they are exceptionally confident that if a recall was ever necessary, their ERP Read More
ERP Selection Facts and Figures Case Study Part 1: Business Model Scenarios
During a recent Enterprise Resource Planning selection engagement with a large aerospace and defense manufacturer TEC had the opportunity to evaluate and

inspection gages  Receipt & Handling, Goods Inspection, and Goods Shipment & Delivery. Figure 5. Process Fit To assess flexibility, TEC developed the criteria in Figure 6 with the client. These factors measured the perceived cost and risk associated with the implementation and modification of each vendor's proposed solution. Figure 6. Flexibility Model Tree Figure 7 illustrates the results in Flexibility. Both JD Edwards and IFS scored well in Flexibility primarily because both vendors focus on reduced implementation time Read More
Managing the Aches and Pains of Long Cycle Times: Automating Controls for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
One of the biggest challenges (or business pain points) for pharmaceutical manufacturers (or life sciences companies) is the long cycles that are required for

inspection gages  for the purposes of inspection or auditing. But this thorough documentation means that the approval process can be streamlined with automated functionality, as the time needed to send documents to the approving individual(s) will be reduced (with a centralized system, all users may have access to documents, providing they are authorized to do so according to level-specific electronic signatures; also, the system can be configured to send automatic notifications). Consequently, document turnaround time Read More
Are Data Warehouses as Dead as the Dodo? (Part 2: 1010data and Illuminate)
Although information analysis continues to be vital for insights into a company’s health and future, the traditional data warehouse structure may already be

inspection gages  have featured? A closer inspection suggests they all have something in common: the idea of attempting to liberate the end user from the burden of technical complexities as much as possible. This may not be possible 100% of the time, particularly when end users are looking for a full corporate data warehouse solution, which involves many complex data issues or data quality and data governance issues. But I have no doubt that the data warehouse and BI spaces are currently being reshaped by the interesting Read More
Integration is the Name of the Game in Software Systems
This article, originally published in Engineering Times, on how companies are employing ERP is based on an interview with Ben Spencer, TEC’s Senior Director of

inspection gages  information, test documents, and inspection requirements. PDM then allows users to share this information throughout the organization, so that the manufacturing floor knows, as do the engineering and sales departments, which are the latest product releases. Reducing Redundancy    IFS Inc. and others have demonstrated the PDM capability to import CAD drawing data and load a parts list into a bill of materials, which structures itself based on the engineering design. PDM tools also aid project Read More
Symantec Swallows AXENT; Takes on Network Associates
Symantec has filed an intent to purchase AXENT in a stock-for-stock transaction of $975 million.

inspection gages  includes both stateful packet inspection and proxy filters, Symantec sucked up one of the best firewalls on the market. This will increase the competitive stance AXENT's Raptor firewall has with Check Point's FireWall-1 product, making more resources available for development, marketing, and sales efforts. Greg Cottichio, VP of Marketing for AXENT states that Customers are looking for fewer vendors to be involved in their network infrastructure. With that in mind, this merger gives the new company the Read More
RFID in Healthcare--A Whole Industry of Value
This article talks about recent and expected FDA regulations and how RFID can help meet those requirements while improving supply chain performance.

inspection gages  about it. The government inspection process ' has always been a bit scandalous, with inspection processes being years behind. But RF-enabled business processes allow the item count and scope of what can be inspected, understood, etc., to go exponentially higher, protecting citizens , and yet adding value to business as well. RFID Power in the Value Chain The real power of RFID is unleashed in industry-wide implementations. And healthcare products—FDA-regulated products—are sold through retailers as Read More
Extending Quality's Reach to Manage Quality in the Supply Chain
Quality does not start at the receiving dock and end at the shipping dock. The focus on the supply chain demands that the quality department be involved from

inspection gages  (SOP), staff training, equipment inspection, maintenance and calibration, and other information are also expected. The increasing need for documentation is not the only demand being placed on today's quality systems. While enterprise systems typically provide tracking and tracing from supplier to customer, quality systems must provide the quality picture related to all affected lots. All samples and results, including the people and testing equipment involved, need to be linked to the lot management Read More
The Whys and Hows of a Security Vulnerability Assessment
TEC outlines the reasons for having a Security Vulnerability Assessment done, how a security vulnerability assessment is performed, what can be gained by

inspection gages  content smart stateful packet inspection device, and which devices might be best for your organization. Having this kind of information enables you to take appropriate corrective action. If Yahoo!, Amazon, E*trade, Ebay, and Buy.com had done a recent Security Vulnerability Assessment, they would have known ahead of time that their sites were vulnerable to denial of service attacks. As security vendors who have the technologies to protect against Synfloods saw their stocks rise after the February denial Read More
Autodesk Goes Deeper into Digital Manufacturing
Autodesk recently announced its intention to acquire Delcam, a public supplier of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and

inspection gages  of design, manufacturing, and inspection software provides automated solutions for a variety of industries, from aerospace to toys and sports equipment. The company has more than 30 offices worldwide and approximately 600 employees. Autodesk has been actively acquiring design manufacturing software companies and product lines of late, as it contends with slow or negative growth in its traditional non-manufacturing verticals. The further one gets into the manufacturing process, the stickier  its Read More
Windows 2000 Bug Fixes Posted
Almost six months after releasing Windows 2000 to the public, Microsoft Corp. has released its first set of bug fixes, formally known as Service Pack 1.

inspection gages  good sign. A brief inspection of Microsoft's documentation shows a total of more than 250 separate issues being addressed; we estimate around 30% of these relate to problems/bugs of moderate-to-high importance, such as security, administration, base OS, memory leaks, and directory services. User Recommendations With the full Service Pack weighing in at 83 MB, this is not for download by the home user with anything less than DSL or a cable modem. Even the basic download (13.8MB) will take over an hour for Read More
When will RFID Hit Main Street?
The desire for improved visibility, tracking, etc. stands out as a critical issue to global firms. Most firms don't know how to get started. But as the cultural

inspection gages  stuffing, including a seven-point inspection process covering the front wall, left side, right side, floor, ceiling/roof, inside/outside doors, and outside/undercarriage. Container Security: At point of stuffing, procedures must be in place to properly seal and maintain the integrity of the shipping containers. In addition, a high security seal meeting or exceeding the current standards must be affixed to all loaded containers bound for the United States. Employee Identification System: An employee Read More

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